The Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven In India

Il Forno By Marco manufactures the best commercial wood fired pizza oven for restaurants, catering businesses, food trucks, hotels and resorts.
We combine traditional Italian, artisan methods with standardised technology, using the the highest - quality refractory bricks and insulating materials.
Since 2010, Italian Marco Cappiotti has successfully installed brick ovens, gas pizza ovens, portable pizza ovens and outdoor pizza ovens across India. With a commercial wood fired oven, you can cook everything from bread and pizza, to vegetables, fish and meats, rendering each dish with the distinct smokey flavour.

  • Why to Choose A Wood Fired Pizza Oven By Il Forno By marco

There are many reasons why Il Forno By Marco is the leading manufacturer of commercial pizza ovens in India.

Il Forno By Marco Ovens Reach the Temperature As High As 400°C In Only 30-40 Minutes
After trying all the companies, we finally found the best fire bricks in India. They come from a small-scale factory in Gujarat. The manufacturer uses 38–40 % alumina, and these high quality bricks are fired at the perfect temperature to make sure they are long-lasting.

In our factory we carve the bricks in perfect shape to create the dome, and we bind them with fine refractory mortar. The thickness and the shape of our dome, enables a strong thermal flywheel effect with consequent homogeneous and long-lasting heat. This allows all our pizza ovens to reach temperatures above 400°C in just 30–40 minutes. At this high temperature, you can easily cook a pizza in only 1-2 minutes!


Retains Heat Excellently And Takes Up To 48 Hours To Cool Down
Our wood fired ovens have a combination of multi-layer insulation that includes ceramic blankets, ceramic board and a concrete mix made of AirCrete to make sure of the best heat retention. The shape of the oven acts as a thermal battery and keeps the heat excellent.  The shape and the size of the oven mouth is also made to make sure to avoid even the smallest heat loss. Our venturi burner uses the smallest amount of fuel to heat and maintain the temperature in the oven.

Get An Oven That Matches Your Interior And Exterior
Our ovens also comes in different models, sizes and with  customised finishings to match your venue and taste.  We can put mosaic tile, broken tile mosaic, fire bricks, red bricks, painted bricks, metal, painted metal, stone mosaic etc. as the finishing on your brick oven.

Take Advantage Of Marcos 17 Years Of Knowledge From Running An Italian Restaurant In India
We guide our clients with the layout of the workstation and can also recommend the choice of kitchen appliances for the  pizza making work station. Marco also have excellent leads for the purchase of imported Italian ingredients, and reliable suppliers in India. The deep knowledge that Marco has gained for 17 years in hospitality can be used by the customers when they need suggestions or guidance about the oven, Italian food and pizza in particular. 

We Take Care Of Our Customers
The price range for the products offered by Il Forno By Marco is very wide and surprisingly, competitive. Even though, each of our ovens is competitive in its group, our after-sales service policy has ensured us loyal customers. 


How to choose A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The purpose of your choice decides what is the best kind of oven for you. Our brick ovens are heavy-duty, built to last a lifetime. Our mobile ovens are ready-made and comparatively cheaper.

Should I Get A Brick Or Mobile Wood Fired Oven?
Although we recommend the brick wood fired pizza oven for commercial pizza businesses, the mobile oven could also be the right choice for a catering business that has to keep moving the oven on a regularly. Since the mobile oven is economical, you might want to consider starting with this one in your restaurant and see how the response is. However a brick oven is much more appealing in terms of aesthetic and will definitely increase the pizza sales of your restaurant. 

Should I Get The Gas Burner System?
If you are planning to use your oven commercially, we will always recommend a gas burner system. With a gas burner system, you can choose to fire the oven on only wood, only gas, or gas and wood both at the same time. This way you will get the most out of your oven: an easy to maintain temperature and the smokey flavour. 

What Kind Of Finishing Will The Oven Have?
We have a wide range of finishing that will match any interior or exterior. Our mobile ovens are delivered ready-made from our factory and have an epoxy paint glaze of either red, black, green and blue. For an additional cost, you can also get an external steel shell covered with a premium finishing, such as mosaic tiles or brick veneers.
For the semi-mobile oven, it is recommended to cover the shell with broken tile mosaic, mosaic tile, bricks or stone. The fixed oven gives a very heavy and authentic look, and that is why we give them a veneer of either bricks or stone.

How Long Time Does It Take To Build An Il Forno By Marco Oven?
Our brick ovens are built at our factory in Delhi. From there the advance is released and it takes around one month for the oven to be completed.  We then ship the oven kit to your site that takes around two weeks. Once the product arrives, Marco will come to your site with his team and install the oven. 
The mobile ovens are currently ready in stock and can be shipped anywhere in India from our factory in. We need only one day to paint the oven and an additional day for the paint to dry, and then it is ready for use.

What Kind Of Fuel Do I Use To Fire The Oven?
Using gas as a primary fuel in a wood fired oven makes it easier to run. However, the pizza will not get the desirable smoky flavour. Many restaurants use hybrid ovens that  run on both gas and wood at the same time. These ovens become easier to operate and also give that desired flavour.
Wood fired ovens work well with mango tree wood, which is available in most parts of India. However, mango trees do not grow in the mountains of North India. In those areas oak tree wood is a good choice.
Oily wood, such as pine should not be used because of the flavours and deposits. Neither low density wood, which although is cheaper, but takes up a lot of space in the oven. It also takes longer time and more quantity to heat.

How Long Time Does It Take For The Oven To Get Hot?
Pre-heat the oven before opening the restaurant, have it ready before customers walk in. All Il Fonro By Marco ovens will reach 400°C in just 30–40 minutes. When talking about the temperature in a wood fired oven, the temperature of the cooking base is measured. If you measure the upper part of the oven, the temperature will be at least 50°C hotter.

How Long Time Does It Take To Cook A Pizza In Your Oven?
• Neapolitan pizza  375–425°C with 60 to 90 seconds of cooking time.
• Classic pizza 325–375°C and 2-3 minutes of cooking time.
• Romana pizza 275–325°C and 4-5 minutes of cooking time.

How much does your wood fired pizza oven cost ?