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Brown Paper Bag

A snap shot of the review Il Forno by Marco got form Brown paper Bag.

Wood-Fired Ovens By Il Forno: There are some things Italians do better than everyone else, including shoes and pizza. Which is why we´re excited about Marco Cappiotti´s handmade ovens, availible in three sizes: small (3 pizzas at a time/ 30 pizzas an hour); medium (4 to 5 pizzas at a time / 40 to 50 pizzas an hour) and larger ovens for restaurants and cafes. You can choose from mosaic (stone or tile) or red brick finish, and if you don´t want a fixed oven, opt for a mobile one instead. marco is based out of Delhi but if you´re ready to foot the airfare and accomondation, he´ll come to Mumbai or anywhere in India to build the ovens himseld. He also does pizza-making courses on request. 

The review of Marcos oven in Summerhouse Cafe in Hauz Khas. To the right there is the oven with a fire burning inside. The oven has a yellow, red, orange and black mosaic finishing.

Chilling In The Environs of HKV

Delhi Times

The newly opened roodtop of Summer House Facé in hauz Khas Village (KHV) has become a hit with Delhiited, who want to enjoy a pleasant winter breeze, say company reps. 

Foodies cant get to munch on some delicious wood-fired oven pizzas and also savour the yummy lamp chops and tenderloin steaks fresh off the BBQ grill along with some good music. Their Cuban pressed sandwich is a must-have, says reps. 

There is a quirky bar can at the venue. With high quality food, a funky bar, timely service and a great ambience, the Summer House Rooftop holds great pitential as a hangour place, says reps.


The Pioneer

Marcos oven with white, red and yellow mosaic finishing that is in the shape of flames. 

Bake it your way

How about some customised ovens at your place, which are made according to the aesthetics of the interiors of your house? you can also get yourself trained in making authentic pizzas. Entrepreneur Marco Cappiotti, who has recently shifted his base to Capital form Manali, is busy designing some fancy ovens for big houses and restaurants, These handmade ovens come in different sizes small, medium and big. He visits the location and then decides the colour and size of the oven. "Generally, i use mosaic (stone or tile) or red-brick finish. I do have a team but all the handwork is done by me. It takes time but my ovens are better and more durable than the branded ones. They also retain heat for longer period." he said.