Brick Oven For Wood & Gas Fired Pizza iN India

A brick oven accumulates the heat that comes from the fire, keeps it and releases it gradually to give long lasting and evenly distributed heat. The oven has a dome and a cooking base that is constructed of fire bricks which are bound with heat proof mortar. Dishes like pizza, bread, lasagna, meats and vegetables are cooked in the same chamber as the fire and consequently gets a smokey flavour from the wood.

Traditionally the brick ovens were used for different kinds of baking and they were fired only by wood. In some villages in Italy, you would find a big wood fired oven that was used for baking bread by the community. In other parts of Italy smaller ovens where placed outdoor next to the houses and were fired only occasionally during sunny days. Today these ovens are commonly used for cooking pizzas and are often fired with wood and gas. Most of the brick wood fired ovens are used for commercial purposes such as in pizzerias and restaurants.


Fixed Brick Oven

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Semi-Portable Brick Oven


Wood fired ovens are compulsory to cook authentic Italian pizzas. It gives the smoky flavour that is characteristic for an Italian pizza. This is a good investment that allows you to bake better and more pizzas than any conventional electrical oven. The size and temperature give a high productivity in comparison to a conventional electric ovens. Neapolitan pizza requires around 375– 425°C with 60 to 90 seconds of cooking time. Classic pizza requires 325–375°C and two to three minutes of cooking time. Romana pizza requires 275–325°C (cooking base) and four to five minutes of cooking time.

Il Forno BY Marco offers fixed and semi-Portable brick ovens

Il Forno By Marco manufactures both fixed and semi-mobile brick ovens. These are heavy duty ovens that are built to run for a lifetime! The fixed oven has a rustic and authentic Italian look. The oven can be either straight or in a dome shape. The finishing of this product is usually with bricks (painted, red or fire bricks) or stone from the bottom all the way to the top. Our semi-portable oven has a modern and classic look since it is built on a reinforced steel structure on wheels. The round dome gets covered with a finishing of either epoxy paint, bricks, mosaic or broken tile mosaic.

 How Il Forno By marco Manufacture is The Best Italian Brick Oven in India

Each oven is installed at your site by Marco and his team.  This enables us to customise the oven as per your request and specific kitchen layout and location conditions. Our ovens are built to last a lifetime and become the centrepiece in your restaurant or pizzeria! 

So, How Are Il Forno By Marco Ovens Built?

Each stage of the manufacturing of the oven happens with quality controls to make sure that the product is consistent. From sourcing and purchasing of the best raw materials in the market, to the fabrication that happens in our factory by the Il Forno By Marco team, each person is trained by Marco to execute the specific stage of the manufacturing. After the shipping Marco check the installation process and finishing of the oven that happens at your site and around 3-6 days.

We use the best fire bricks which have 38–40 % alumina content. The brick comes from a small-scale factory in Gujarat, where they are fired at the perfect temperature that ensures long-lasting high quality fire bricks.  The bricks are shipped in bulk to the Il Forno By Marco factory in Delhi where they are carved to the perfect shape to build the most efficient dome that will last a life-time, even in the extreme heat. 

How Is The Performance Of Il Forno By Marco Wood Fired Brick Oven?

Il Forno By Marco’s masonry ovens consist of a free-standing circular brick dome where the fire bricks are supported on top of one another. A dome is an excellent durable self supporting architectural structure, that has been used in many parts of the world since the ancient times. In fact, archaeologists have found masonry ovens in excellent conditions during the  excavation of Pompeii, which was an ancient Roman civilisation in Italy that was buried under meters of ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 80 A.D. In other words, if done properly the brick dome is a very solid construction.

The engineering of the dome to the masonry oven is utterly important for the life expectancy of the oven and its heat retention capabilities, i.e. its efficiency. If the inner dome is too high [in relation to the cooking floor], the heat will not be distributed properly and the pizza  will be burnt while the pizza base is still raw.

The thickness and shape of an Il Forno By Marco dome enables a strong thermal flywheel effect with consequent homogeneous and long-lasting heat. This enables the brick oven to reach temperatures above 400°C in only 30–60 minutes and keep it going, for up to 48 hours. 

The wood is releasing the heat by convection, conduction and radiant heat to cook the pizzas . If the chimney is positioned properly (outside the oven mouth) and the insulation is perfect you will get the most performances and efficiency from your oven.  This ancient technology gives a perfect baked pizza with smoky flavour in just two to three minutes!

In a traditional brick oven, we can see  several laws of physics, i.e. the natural dome air ventilation that helps to keep the temperature stable in different parts of the oven, the fire bricks heat retention which accumulate a great amount of heat and releases it gradually for long lasting heat. 

Our oven's vent (the chimney) is placed in the front of the door. This is the most common and traditional place to put the chimney in Italian ovens. An oven can have the vent (chimney) in the center on top of the dome, however the vent will still be in the front and a pipe will be pulled in between the inner dome and the outer dome. This does not have any technical reasons and is rather aesthetic, whether you prefer a chimney in the front or a pulled back one in the middle. 

Design that explains the different kinds of heating in the brcik oven: radiant, convection and conduction heat.

How Efficient Are Il Forno By Marco Brick Ovens?

Insulation is so effective that the oven from outside measures 30-40°C while the inside temperature is 300-400°C. To achieve this excellent efficiency we use a great amount of insulation. The following materials are used in a combination, ceramic blankets, ceramic boards and air crete.

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency we designed our oven mouth and engineered the insulation specifically for the purpose of saving on running cost. Notice that the shape of the oven mouth is as such, that it has the minimum heat loss without compromising on the visibility as well as the size of the pizzas.

A close up of the Il Forno By Marco reducved oven mouth for retaining heat better.

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