Wood Fired Pizza Oven For Home

Now you can cook authentic Italian wood fired pizza in your house! With Il Forno By Marco smallest wood fired oven, you can cook 1-2 pizzas at a time. This oven is light weight (only 80 kg) and can easily be shipped to your doorstep.

Eager to make pizza? Come and pick it up from our factory in Delhi. This oven is so small that you can load it in your car!

However, you need to have some patience before you can start making your amazing pizza. The oven needs to be fired gradually for the first time. We recommend you to start making pizza on day 3. Here`s a good thing: we have put the instructions for firing the oven here below and Marco will give you his family recipe. Now, you`ll be all set to start trying your skills as a pizzaiolo!

A small wood fired oven in metal standing on the floow. It has black epozy paint finishing. The Il Forno By Marco logo is visible to the right.


Capacity: 1 11" pizza at a time
Inside (w x d): 80 x 50 cm
Outside (w x d) 90 x 60 cm
Mouth (h x w): 22 x 50 cm
Weight:  80 kg
Insulation: ceramic blankets
Finishing: epoxy paint


Instructions for firing your small Il Forno By Marco Oven

Firing the wood fired oven for the first time need a gradual and controlled increment in
temperature. This is to allow the refractory in the oven to cure with heat. If the temperature in the different stages of firing are not respected, the efficiency and durability of the oven would be compromised.

The curing of the small oven usually takes three days.

Day 1
Start a small fire in the center of the cooking base. Keep it at 100-150°C during all day. Remember that smaller the fire, lower the temperature.

Day 2
Start a small fire in the center of the cooking base. Keep it at 150-250°C during all day.

Day 3
Fire the oven at 250-350°C during all day. You are now set to start your pizza trials... Buon Appetito!


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