The Best Commercial Wood & Gas Fired Pizza Ovens In India

Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacture In India

The Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens In India. Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacturer In India

Verona Wood And Gas Fired Oven

Verona Mobile Metal Wood Fired Oven.png

Verona is our mobile stainless steel oven with refractory cooking base, it has good performance and fast heating. It has a steel front and epoxy paint finishing on the external shell. 

This is a multi-purpose oven: because of its smaller size, light weight and steady construction many catering businesses, food trucks, bars, cafés, and delivery places uses our Verona successfully. Verona is built in our factory in Delhi and can easily be shipped to your location. Our Venturi Gas Burner System is available on this oven. 




Verona Standard is good for making 2 pizzas at a time. 

Verona Large is good for making 4 pizza at a time. 

Verona with tile mosaic finishing.png

Additional Finishing

Our Verona metal oven can also be covered with tile mosaik or brick veneers.