Double Gas Burner System

Il Forno By Marco´s double gas burner system is recommended for our range of  brick pizza ovens. This series of pizza ovens is developed for restaurants, hotels and resorts. 

Installing a gas burner system in your pizza oven makes it hybrid, meaning you can choose to run the oven on gas only, wood only, or both combined. If you decide on the gas burner, we will make a hole in the cooking base to install the gas fittings. But this makes the conversion of a pure wood fired oven into a hybrid oven difficult. We, therefore, request you to order your gas burner system with your oven.

Make the most of your pizza oven with a gas burner system!

Unless you have a very specialised and skilled pizza maker, we recommend you to install a gas burner system in your Il Forno By Marco oven for the following reasons:

For "no burn" days

Sometimes the government regulations issue “no burn” days due to high pollution.  An Il Forno By Marco gas burner system in your oven will easily help you to cook pizza on those days.

To get your oven heat fast
A gas burner system allows you to heat up your oven fast. To maintain the temperature easily during rush hours Our gas burner makes it easier to maintain the temperature, which is very useful during rush hours.

To control the temperature easily!
With the gas burner, it becomes easier to control temperature than using fire. For instance, baking bread in the morning! Bread requires around 200°C while pizza require 300-400°C. While your oven is still hot (but not too hot) from the night, you can bake bread in the morning before heating it up for the pizza.



A pizza cooked in our brick oven with double gas burner system. This pizza was cooked for 1 minute and 50 seconds at 400°C

A pizza cooked in our brick oven with double gas burner system. This pizza was cooked for 1 minute and 50 seconds at 400°C


To cool the oven down quickly
Another benefit with the gas burner system is that you can quickly and easily cool your oven down. Overheated oven using wood takes longer time to cool down as compared to the one with a gas burner system. All you do is lower the flame. With wood you need to wait for it to burn out.


The Gas Burner Especially Designed To Replicate The Wood Flame
Il Forno By Marco manufactures each gas burner system in our factory in Delhi. The burner is especially designed by Marco to resemble the flame from a wood fire. This provides the gas burner flame with similar thermal distribution of heat as the wood.


Each gas burner is tested at the Il Forno Marco factory before getting installed in the oven. This enables Marco to check each burner, making sure that it meets the highest quality standard.