Wood Fired Pizza Oven Finishing

The external shell of the brick wood fired oven can be covered with colourful mosaic or tile mosaic, or rustic brick or brick veneer.

We will give your new wood fired oven a finishing that compliments your restaurant's interior and exterior.


Range Of Wood Fired Pizza oven finishings

Fixed Brick Oven

Constructed of bricks, our fixed brick ovens are the most suited with a finishing of stone or red
bricks, painted red bricks,or fire bricks.

Semi-Portable Brick Oven

Same as portable ovens, our semi-portable brick ovens have ready made finishing of epoxy pant.
However, it's common to apply a customized finishing of bricks (red bricks, fire bricks, or painted
red bricks),stone,mosaic tile or broken tile mosaic.

Portable Oven

For our ready made portable pizza ovens, you can chose a finishing of epoxy paint in either red,
green, blue or black

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