The Best Commercial Wood & Gas Fired Pizza Ovens In India

Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacture In India

The Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens In India. Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacturer In India

The Best Commercial Wood & Gas-Fired Pizza Ovens In India

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven With Stone Mosaic Finishing By Il Forno By Marco. Handcrafted By Marco Cappiotti —The Italian Oven Maker In India

Marco Cappiotti is The Italian Oven Manufacturer In India

Il Forno By Marcos´ range of commercial  wood burning pizza ovens are fully insulated to ensure the highest quality standard in terms of cooking and efficiency. Our ovens are perfect for baking, roasting and cooking, rendering each meal with that delicious distinct smoky flavour.

Choosing the best commercial pizza oven

Your purpose with your wood fired oven decides which oven is best for you. 

Our Fixed wood fired ovens are built on location. In collaboration with your designer we will make a unique finishing that matches your restaurant and concept.

In Europe these ovens have been built for centuries and are pieces of Italian authenticity. They commands the interior and are designed to fit any shape or kitchen area.  

Our Semi-Mobile ovens are built on a reinforced steel structure, on location or in our factory in Delhi. In collaboration with your designer we will make a unique finishing that matches your restaurant and concept.

These ovens are perfect for businesses that might change location, kitchen layout, or where the regulation does not allow a permanent construction. 

Our mobile wood fired ovens are done in thick stainless steel with a refractory base. It has a steel front with a painted steel shell.

Because of its light weight and smaller size these ovens can be moved on a regular basis or used in smaller spaces. These affordable ovens are built in our factory in Delhi and are presently ready in stock.


How We Manufacture The Best wood Fired Ovens In India



We use 38 % alumina Firebricks bonded with refractory mortar. The thickness of the oven enables a strong thermal flywheel effect with consequent homogeneous and long-lasting heat. 



We use a combination of muli-layer insulation that includes ceramic blankets for heat retention and saving on running cost. 


Professional Guidance

We guide our clients with the layout of the workstation and are willing to advice you in your choice of kitchen equipment, the best ingredients and reliable suppliers. 

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Value For Money

For all that Il Forno By Marco offers our ovens are placed within a surprisingly competitive price-range.