The Best Commercial Wood & Gas Fired Pizza Ovens In India

Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacture In India

The Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens In India. Il Forno By Marco — The Italian Oven Manufacturer In India


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How Do I Choose My Oven?

  • If you have the budget and want a maintenance free, long-lasting oven that looks authentic:  go for Napoli.
  • If you have the budget and what a maintenance free, long-lasting oven that can be moved in case you in the future might change location or kitchen layout: go for Firenze. 
  • If you do not have the budget, or you are a catering business that needs a steady over that can be moved on a regular basis: go for Verona.
  • If you are looking for an oven in your house/garden and have a limited amount of space: go for Capri. 

What Size Of Oven Should I Choose?

  • Regarding Napoli & Firenze: the bigger the size of the oven is the more costly it will be to heat and maintain heat. Therefore, it depends on how many piazza you are planning to serve á day. We usually recommend that if you are planning on serving less than 100 pizzas a day: go for the Standard. If you are planning to serve more: go for a Large. 
  • Regarding Verona: the bigger the size of the over is the more costly it will be to heat and maintain hot. Therefore, it depends on how many piazza you are planning to serve at á time: standard is good for 2 pizzas at a time, and large is good for 4 pizzas at a time,
  • Regarding Capri: Our smallest over Capri is only available in one size. It can make 2 small, or 1 big, pizza at a time. 
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You Have Several Kinds Of Ovens: Are There Any Difference In The Taste?

  • Their difference in taste in between my ovens are hardly recognisable because ingredients, and the skills of the pizza maker have a stronger influence. The difference between my good (Capri & Verona) and very good (Napoli & Firenze) ovens only matters if you are aiming for the excellence.

The Venturi Gas Burner System Has To Be Installed From The Beginning: Should I Get One Or Not?

  • If your pizza maker has less experience, we recommend you to get the gas burner system. This since it is easier to maintain the temperature of the oven.
  • If you do not have access to a sufficient amount of wood we recommend you to go for the gas burner system. 
  • If the wood you have access to is of bad quality, we recommend you to supplement it with a gas burner system. 

I Want To Buy A Wood Fired Oven But I Am Afraid Of The Smoke It Might Cause Inside, What Should I Do?

  • If you have seen or heard about a wood fired over causing smoke inside it was not a good oven, or the ducting was not correctly done. If the oven is built correctly and the ducting attached correctly there is no smoke coming out. We always provide instructions for the duct maker on how making the duct. 
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How much does your over cost?

  • Please ENQUIRE and we will be happy to send you a quotation. 

How Long Time Does It Take To Build The Oven?

  • Verona & Capri are presently ready in stock in our factory in Delhi and can be shipped anywhere in India.
  • Firenze & Napoli are installed on location. After an advance is payed the work starts in our factory in Delhi. The installation on site takes 10 days.

Where Can I Find A Skilled Pizza-Maker?

  •  I do not have any good answer to this question I am afraid. If you are a skilled pizza-maker: please contact me so I can send your details to my clients. 

Can You Teach Me (Or My Employees) How To Make Pizza?

  • I have made pizza-training before. It takes a minimum of 1 week to teach somebody the basics. Then it is up to that person to practice and perfect the sills. These days I rarely do training because of lack of time. 
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I Do Not Know Much About Opening A Pizza Place: Can You Help Me?

  • You will receive Marcos pizza recipe with your oven.
  • We are distributors of the best imported ingredients for pizza making (ask us for price list).
  •  We can give you leads on where to buy pizza making appliances (dough trays, pizza peels, cutters, serving bats, Etc. Etc.).
  • We can sell you Marco´s designed make-line for pizza making.
  • You can buy your dough maker from us.
  • If Marco have time: he can help you with the planning of your pizza menu. 

How Hot Does Your Oven Get?

  • Although my ovens can successfully be operated at 400 degrees, most common is to cook the pizza in 250–300 degrees for 2–3 minutes. 

How Long Time Does It Take To Heat The Oven?

  • Verona & Capri take 20 minutes the heat.
  • Firenze & Napoli takes 1–2 hours to heat. However: Firenze & Napoli are thicker and consequently retain the heat better.  

How Heat Retaining Are Your Ovens?

  • All our ovens have multiple layers of insulation with ceramic blankets. 
  • Firenze & Napoli retain the heat up to two days.
  • Verona & Capri retain heat over night.
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What Type Of Wood Should I Use For My Wood Fire?

  • Use a type of wood that you can source locally. We usually recommend Mango or Babul. 

Where Can I Go And Try Your Pizza?

  • I do not have a restaurant any more, so you cannot try my pizza. If you want to see any of my ovens there are several in Delhi, a few in Mumbai, two in Gujarat, a few in Manali and Goa. I have also built ovens in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai.

How long does the over last?

  • Regarding Napoli & Firenze: It depends on how you use it. If there is no misuse my ovens will last a lifetime. There is one over in Manali that my father built that is still running after 25 years.
  • Regarding Verona & Capri: if you use your over full time you can expect to have to change the refractory base every other year. You will have to stop the operation for 1 or 2 days, and then you are good to go again!

Can your ovens be mounted on a truck?

  • Verona ovens are perfect for putting in a truck.  
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